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United States
3 years of experience
Bachelor education
40 hours per week
Consumer Services
1,001-5,000 employees
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Google Analytics
MS Excel
MS Office

Job Description

PODS Moving and Storage is seeking a motivated, self-starter, problem-solver to fill the role of Salesforce Marketing Email Specialist, primarily working on customer facing digital applications. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email will be responsible for the day-to-day execution of email marketing campaigns, as well as landing pages and other digital communications initiatives using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. This role requires a strong understanding of digital marketing best practices and HTML and the ability to effectively contribute to digital communication strategies through innovative creative design, setup and delivery, targeting, segmentation and personalization, end-to-end testing, analysis and optimization.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • Design, build and refine email communications that support internal and external digital campaigns and ongoing requests from the business
  • Create, deploy and maintain landing pages that promote new programs, advertised assets, product lines and other digital campaign initiatives
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to coordinate featured assets and content
  • Support the tagging of all marketing URLs using Google Analytics for tracking; utilize URL shortening utilities for promotion within digital communications (tinyurl, bit.ly, captix, etc.)
  • Support the implementation of automated journeys for multiple audiences to cultivate relationships and enhance communications with active and inactive prospects
  • Support digital acquisition and data capture strategies, as well as audience list and database management and integrations
  • Work collaboratively to understand business and customer needs and advise on industry best practices and standards related to email marketing
  • Utilize HTML, CSS, SQL and/or AMPscript to develop customized email templates and landing pages that maintain PODS brand and style guidelines
  • Implement innovative designs and solutions, including mobile-responsive designs, to help make assets more visually appealing and enhance usability and engagement
  • Perform QA testing to ensure links, images, segmentation lists and dynamic content function properly and email renders accurately across various email clients
  • Measure and improve performance characteristics such as open rate, click-through rates and content engagement using A/B testing and various other methods
  • Monitor and respond to email deliverability issues and ensure adherence to email compliance and spam regulations (CAN-SPAM)
  • Analyze email campaign results and assist in the creation and distribution of performance reports, summarizing key insights and offering recommendations
  • Contribute to the ongoing development and maintenance of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform
  • Job is NOT directly responsible for managing other employees (e.g., hiring/termination and/or pay decisions, performance management), however, will be responsible for directing technical resources.

Essential Skills, Abilities and Example Behavior(s)

  • COLLABORATE: Able to act as part of a larger team outside of the immediate department or group; Able to understand the importance of working with peers in other areas or management to reach "best practice" solutions for the organization; Able to inform and seek information to anticipate and consider the impact of decisions or actions on the overall organization
  • DEMONSTRATE SOUND JUDGMENT: Able to make appropriate decisions and has the vision to understand their impact; Able to use factual information to develop logical assumptions; Able to examine alternatives and consider resources, constraints and risks before committing to action
  • ACT WITH INTEGRITY: Able to demonstrate uncompromising adherence to ethical principles; Able to demonstrate honesty in all actions; Able to admit and correct mistakes promptly; Able to assume full responsibility and accountability for own actions
  • DELIVER QUALITY RESULTS: Able to deliver top quality service to all customers (internal and external); Able to ensure all details are covered and adhere to company policies; Able to strive to do things right the first time; Able to meet agreed-upon commitments or advises customer when deadlines are jeopardized; Able to define high standards for quality and evaluate products, services, and own performance against those standards
  • THINK STRATEGICALLY: Able to see the "big picture" and be future-thinking; Able to anticipate future trends and consequences accurately; Able to take a broad perspective; Able to create a vision of organizational objectives; Able to make decisions based on long-term company goals
  • DEVELOP SELF: Able to accurately assess own strengths and development needs; Able to strive to improve those areas identified as needing development; Able to seek opportunity for development through the job, special assignments, training, or external activities
  • SOLVE PROBLEMS: Able to apply both rational and creative processes and approaches to identify root causes of problems and solutions
  • TAKE INITIATIVE: Able to exhibit tendencies to be self-starting and not wait for signals; Able to be proactive and demonstrate readiness and ability to initiate action; Able to take action beyond what is required and volunteers to take on new assignments; Able to complete assignments independently without constant supervision
  • LISTEN: Able to actively listen and convey understanding of the comments and questions of others; Able to understand the situations, viewpoints and feelings of others before expressing own view
  • SPEAK COMPETENTLY: Able to speak clearly and concisely; Able to use appropriate vocabulary for the audience; Able to get point across unambiguously and check for understanding
  • BE INNOVATIVE / CREATIVE: Able to examine the status quo and consistently look for better ways of doing things; Able to recommend changes based on analyzed needs; Able to develop proper solutions and identify opportunities
  • DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: Able to demonstrate sensitivity to customer needs (both internal and external) and proactively address customer needs; Able to make customer satisfaction a high priority
  • BE ANALYTICAL: Able to effectively gather all relevant information; Able to identify key issues; Able to qualitatively and / or quantitatively process data; Able to identify relationships, draw logical conclusions and interpret results for use in decision-making
  • BE PROFESSIONAL: Able to project a positive, professional image with both internal and external business contacts; Able to create a positive first impression; Able to gain respect and trust of others through personal image and demeanor
  • ADVANCED COMPUTER USER: Able to use required software applications to produce correspondence, reports, presentations, electronic communication, and complex spreadsheets including formulas and macros and/or databases. Able to operate general office equipment including company telephone system

Job Requirements

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in marketing, communications or related field
  • 3+ years of experience in email marketing/digital design with a marketing automation system required
  • Enterprise level experience with Salesforce.com and Salesforce Marketing Cloud preferred
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud email certification preferred
  • Intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL and/or AMPscript a plus
  • Knowledge of email marketing best practices and industry best practices.
  • Ability to think critically, identify solutions and deliver recommendations based on data and analysis.
  • Understanding of concepts/terms such as: ISP, URL, CAN-SPAM Act, Deliverability, etc.
  • Proven ability to organize multitude of tasks, projects and information simultaneously
  • Must have excellent communication and organizational skills and work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment with minimum supervision
  • Must be able to work independently and also be team-oriented, reliable and dependable
  • Strong initiative, creative thinking, attention to detail and work ethic
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